Bus Zurich

Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and even if it is known as a shopping Mecca with the world famous “Bahnhofstrasse” there are also many other things worth visiting Zurich. The city is a popular tourist destination during the whole year. If you wish to visit Zurich in winter to enjoy the beautiful advent […]

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Bus Stuttgart

Stuttgart the capital of Baden Wurdenberg is with a population of about 600.000 on of the 10 largest cities in Germany, the larger region of Stuttgart has a total population of more then 2.5 Mio. Although Stuttgart is maybe not as well know as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, in relation to being a tourist destination, […]

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Bus Munich

The city of Munich is more than just the world-famous October fest; throughout the year the Bavarian capital is a very popular tourist destination, actually it is the second most visited German city after the capital Berlin. If you plan to visit and have no car at your disposal, you will have no trouble getting […]

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Bus Vienna

Visiting Vienna, the capital of Austria, without your own or a rented car, is absolutely no problem, you can travel to Vienna from most countries in Europe by bus or train, once arrived in Vienna, you have plenty of options getting around in town and the surrounding area using the available bus infrastructure. Local buses […]

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April Fools’!

Happy 1st of April! Did you fall for it? Of course NO BODY plan to built an Aqua park at National park Plitvice, so do not worry, the park will remain one of the most beautiful nature location you can find worldwide. If you haven’t been to Plitvice yet, we highly recommend that you plan […]

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