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If you are looking to travel the cheapest possible way between London and Paris taking the bus should be your first priority, between the two cities there are about 10 daily departures. The bus trip include a ferry crossing from Dover or Ramsgate to Calais or Boulogne, the shortest bus travel distance is about 470 km, which equals a total bus travel time of 8 to 10 hours. If you have no problem sleeping on a bus, you might consider one of the night bus departures and save the cost of one night’s accommodation.

Majority of departures from London to Paris departure from the Victoria coach station, which is about 10 minutes walk from the Victoria train station, as the station is quite big, make sure to arrive in do time. From victoria station to the ferry port there is about 2 hours during the crossing you have to leave the bus, the ferry crossing takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From London there is several overnight buses which leaves between 8PM (20:00) and midnight and arrives in Paris between 6AM and 9AM. You can see all departure times here.

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When you are travelling from Paris to London it is a bit more complicated at there are several departure locations, and usually each bus only departure from one of the locations. Majorti of bus drive from one of the following 3 bus stations / stops: bus station is Galliéni, which is by to the Galliéni metro station, Bus station next to Gare de Paris Bercy, addresse 48 Boulevard de Bercy, and from nearby bus stop at 208 Quai de Bercy. Probably more bus station / stops will be added in the future, so it is really important to pay attention to the departure and arrival station when booking a ticket. From Paris to London there is also several overnight departures. You can see all departures here.

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Other travel option between London and Paris:

Plane: There is lots of daily non stop flights between London and Paris, obviusly there are routes operated by companies like British Airways and Air France, but there is also departure operated by companies like Easyjet, Airberlin and Cityjet just to mention a few. Remember to pay attention to arrival and departure airport as cost and time to getting to and from the airports around London and Paris vary. Flight time between the cities is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Train: A great alternative to the Plane, both in terms of price and travel time is the Eurostar, which has a travel time of around 2 hours and 15 to 45 minutes, the Eurostar drives from St Pancras International, which is by Kings cross about 3 km from London centre, in Paris the Eurostar drives to Gare du Nord, both Eurostar and Plane is quite expensive compared to travelling by bus, but it is of course also a much faster way of traveling.


  1. Victor howard   •  

    Does cost of bus fare from London to Paris include ferry cost?

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Victor,

      Yes, it includes the ferry cost.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

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    Very informative and helpful article, thanks for sharing

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