Killers of the Flower Moon Filming Locations

Killers of the Flower Moon Filming Locations

The year 2023 was the year of iconic movies. Now, it is preparing for a strong finish with the release of an epic Western drama in October by one and only Martin Scorsese. The film will feature some of the world’s most renowned actors, such as Robert de Niro, Leonardo di Caprio, and Branden Fraser. Set in Oklahoma, Killers of the Flower Moon follows the story of a mysterious murder of Osage tribe members in the 1920s. Marvelous actors, unforgettable events, the brilliance of Scorsese, and sublime filming locations promise to make this movie go down in film history. 

I am, of course, super excited about the movie’s release, but until then, let’s walk through the thrilling Killers of the Flower Moon filming locations! 

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA

Surprisingly, the entire movie was filmed in Oklahoma, as Scorsese aimed to convey the story on the very land where these events occurred. This led me to Bartlesville, known for its significant ties to the oil industry. Nestled in northeastern Oklahoma, USA, Bartlesville witnessed an economic boom in the 1920s due to the thriving oil business.

The whole reason behind the mysterious murders lies in the discovery of oil in the reservation lands by the Native Americans. This newfound wealth turned some tribe members into America’s wealthiest individuals. However, it also gave rise to greed, corruption, jealousy, and tragedy. To delve deeper into the town’s compelling history, I recommend visiting the Woolaroc Museum.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA

Fairfax, Oklahoma, USA

Our next stop on the list of Killers of the Flower Moon filming locations is Fairfax, Oklahoma, a small town in Osage County. It is well known for its ties to the oil industry. Therefore, I recommend visiting the Historic Fairfax Depot, which now serves as a museum, showcasing the Fairfax oil heritage. 

The filmmakers shot scenes of Rita Smith’s home and the bank, which was later bombed. After strolling down the film set, you can visit the Osage Nation Museum. The museum offers insights into the rich culture and history of the Osage Nation. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy nearby Osage Hills State Park Lake for fishing and boating.

Killers of the Flower Moon Filming Locations- Osage Hills State Park
Osage Hills State Park

Pawhuska, Oklahoma, USA

Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is known for its strong ties to the Osage Nation and its thriving cultural and tourist scene. Today, it serves as the headquarters of the Osage Nation’s tribal government. The town has become a popular tourist destination with many highlights. Some of my favorites include the Osage Nation Museum and Osage County Courthouse

Filming in the historic downtown of Pawhuska came with challenges, according to producers. Namely, the town was undergoing a development project in 2020 when the filming crew arrived. Luckily for the production team, the locations used for filming kept their original structure from the 1920s. 

Original facade
Original facade

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Although the main stars are Fairfax and Pawhuska, I cannot forget to mention Oklahoma’s second-largest city, Tulsa. Tulsa’s architecture is fascinating, with a notable concentration of Art Deco buildings, thanks to the city’s oil boom in the 1920s. The Boston Avenue Methodist Church, the Philtower Building, and the Mid-Continent Tower are a few examples of the city’s stunning architectural landmarks. 

As a result, Tulsa is one of the Killers of the Flower Moon filming locations. The producers moved filming here to shoot the scenes of the classical revival-style period courthouse. The courthouse is, of course, a must-visit. So is the Cherry Street and Swan Lake Historic District.

Killers of the Flower Moon Filming Locations- Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Map of Killers of the Flower Moon Filming Locations

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