Erasmus in Poland

Erasmus cities in Poland

Poland is a country with one of the richest cultural and historical heritages in Europe. That is why more than 18 124 students and trainees decided to pick one of the 25 Erasmus cities in Poland, according to the latest data. Regarding the universities, the most popular ones include the University of Warsaw, the University of Wroclaw and Jagiellonski University. Anyway, there are numerous reasons why students opt for Erasmus in Poland above other destinations.   

Why study in Poland?

First of all, Poland is a country with so many options for students. It boasts more than 300 universities with most programs being offered in the English language, among many others. Also, the Polish education system is one of the oldest ones in Europe with high standards. 

Secondly, Poland is the centre of Europe by all means. Namely, Polish diplomas are recognized worldwide and offer thousands of opportunities. Besides, its geographical position in Europe connects you to multiple destinations easily.

Finally, Erasmus in Poland lets you explore one of the richest cultural heritages in the world. The fascinating history, diverse landscape, iconic cities and incredible cuisine – all that is Poland known for awaits you everywhere you go!

When speaking of the cost of living, Poland is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. To confirm that, we focused on rent prices, as students spend most of their budget on rent. According to, we calculated the average rent price in Poland being around 2000 zl (~€430). So, everything outside the range is classified either above or below average with indicated average rent price per month.

Finally, to help our students pick their destination, here is a list of all Erasmus cities in Poland.

Studying in Warsaw

The capital of Poland is a charming central European destination. Visitors remember it for its beautiful landmarks and lovely green areas. Although not very touristy, Warsaw has been recognized thanks to its rich gastronomic and nightlife scene. However, Warsaw is significantly popular among youth, therefore students as well.

Why study in Warsaw?

Warsaw is one of the favourite capitals in Europe because it offers an amazing, yet affordable stay. Besides, its universities are ranking high and the opportunities are endless. Also, Warsaw is a great destination to learn about Polish history. Plenty of museums will teach you about its culture and tragic past. Regarding nightlife and leisure, one word describes it and it’s – unforgettable. Check out what else not to miss in Warsaw.

  • Universities: University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, Medical University of Warsaw
  • Cost of living: above average (avg. rent price ~ 3000 zl/~ 650 euro)
  • Sights: Palace of Culture and Science, The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Museum of King John III’s Palace at Wilanów, Łazienki Park, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Copernicus Science Centre, Fryderyk Chopin Museum, The National Museum in Warsaw
  • Food: Pyzy, Kotlet schabowy, Zapiekanka, Sernik/Kawiarnia Nowomiejska, Pyzy Flaki Gorace, Gastronomja Restauracja, Prodiz Warszawski
  • Nightlife: Hybrydy Klub, The View Warsaw, Klubokawiarnia, Sketch Nite
Erasmus in Poland: Warsaw


Studying in Krakow

The former Polish capital is best remembered for its remarkable Wawel Royal Castle and Wawel Dragon. What’s more, the city centre is declared a UNESCO site. Besides the rich history it keeps, the medieval castle walls, together with charming streets and gorgeous parks, make an amazing sight. 

Why study in Krakow?

Besides delicious pretzels, studying in Krakow allows you to discover one of the greatest Polish cultural, art and historic centres. The city is easily walkable, so you can spend days exploring its beautiful landmarks and relaxing in green areas. Also, the city is considered very safe with a great nightlife scene.

  • Universities: Jagiellonian University, Cracow University of Technology, Agricultural University of Kraków
  • Cost of living: above average (avg. rent price ~ 2700 zl/~ 580 euro)
  • Sights: Wawel Cathedral, Rynek Główny, Wieliczka Salt Mine, St. Mary’s Basilica, The Cloth Hall, Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, National Museum in Krakow
  • Food: Pierogi, Bigos, Obwarzanek/Gogo Burger, Szynk, Mr. Black Cocktail Bar, Restauracja Baster
  • Nightlife: Piec Art, Budda Drink and Garden, Frantic, Art Klub Bledne Kolo
Erasmus in Poland: Krakow


Studying in Lodz

Lodz is less typical, but still, often a student’s choice for Erasmus in Poland. The city is probably best known for its industry, especially as a textile-manufacturing hub. However, the city does not lack important sights. One of the most popular ones is the Film School, the cradle of Polish film and cinematography. 

Why study in Lodz?

Lodz is mostly picked by students thanks to its university. Namely, it is one of the leading educational institutions in Poland. Another thing that attracts foreign students is the fairly cheap prices. Finally, the city is tailored to students offering an incredible experience in terms of nightlife and leisure. 

  • Universities: University of Lodz
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1800 zl/~ 390 euro)
  • Sights: Central Museum of Textiles, Museum of the City of Lodz, Fala Aquapark, Łódź Zoo, Herbst Palace Museum, Cinema museum Lodz, Park Staromiejski
  • Food: Zalewajka, Prażoki, Bryndza/Laxmi, PJONA Łodź, Restauracja Stary Rynek 2, Anatewka – Manufaktura
  • Nightlife: Piotrkowska Klub, Irish Pub, Łódź Kaliska, The Mexican
Erasmus in Poland: Lodz


Studying in Wroclaw

The fourth-largest city in Poland is often described as a city with the most beautiful squares in the world. Visitors adore Wroclaw for its colourful streets and lush parks. However, the city is ideal for youth as it perfectly combines the best of gastronomy, culture and nightlife in Poland. 

Why study in Wroclaw?

Wroclaw is known as an intellectual hub. Moreover, the city has a huge student community which shapes the city according to their needs. Namely, Wroclaw is a city with some of the best nightlife scenes and gastronomy in Poland. What’s more, it has fairly cheap prices. Check out what else is suggested.

  • Universities: University of Wrocław
  • Cost of living: above average (avg. rent price ~ 2400 zl/~ 520 euro)
  • Sights: Market Square, Racławice Panorama, Wrocław Zoological Garden, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Ostrów Tumski, Hydropolis, Wrocław Africarium
  • Food: Pierogi Ruskie, Rosół, Gulasz/Panczo, SETKA Wrocław, Restauracja Konspira
  • Nightlife: Disco Club Regeneracja, Novocaina Club, Jazzda Club, Niebo


Studying in Gdansk

Gdansk, or Danzig in German, is a Polish city that is often overshadowed by the capitals. However, it is probably best known for its recent tragedy in WWII. Today, the city is completely reconstructed attracting more and more visitors. Especially those interested in destinations on the Baltic coast.

Why study in Gdansk?

Although lectures mostly take place in colder seasons, it is definitely worth visiting Gdansk for its beaches. Namely, the city lies on the Baltic coast and boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country. Besides that, Gdansk is affordable, meaning you can enjoy the city’s offer with no regrets.

  • Universities: University of Gdańsk
  • Cost of living: above average (avg. rent price ~ 2600 zl/~ 560 euro)
  • Sights: St. Mary’s Church, Museum of the Second World War, Neptune’s Fountain, Westerplatte, European Solidarity Centre, Gdańsk Main Town Hall
  • Food: Pierogi, Gołąbki, Placki ziemniaczane, Mizeria/Rednek by Stah, Nie/miesny, Loft
  • Nightlife: Cafe Kamienica, Brovarnia, Cathead Multitap
Erasmus in Poland: Gdansk


Studying in Poznan

Relatively a small town, Poznan is a friendly and welcoming city in western Poland. Visitors remember its Renaissance buildings, picturesque Old Town and spacious green areas. Besides that, Poznan is known for being home to the oldest cathedral in Poland. Moreover, it hosts the biggest industrial fair and one of the largest fairs in Europe – the Poznan International Fair.

Why study in Poznan?

Poznan is a charming and peaceful town, yet bursting with important sights and things to do. Therefore, the city meets all students’ needs. Actually, Poznan is getting more and more popular among the student population who choose Erasmus in Poland. But still, with so many things to explore, there are no tourist crowds to bother you.

  • Universities: Poznań University of Technology
  • Cost of living: above average (avg. rent price ~2500 zl/~ 540 euro)
  • Sights: Old Market Square, National Museum in Poznań, Citadel Park, New Zoo, Poznań Cathedral, The Imperial Castle, Poznań Croissant Museum
  • Food: Gzik, Szare Kluchy, Czernina/Na Winklu, Whiskey in the Jar, Rynek 95 Restaurant
  • Nightlife: Cuba Libre Social Club, Alibi Club, Mustang Pub, Czarna Owca


Studying in Lublin

Charming Lublin is often overlooked as a Polish tourist destination. Yet, it is a city adored by youth, especially the student population. Lublin boasts a stunning Old Town with so many details and plenty of green spaces. Also, the city is known for its high standard of living and outstanding academic programs.

Why study in Lublin?

Lublin is a dynamic city thanks to the students who often choose it for Erasmus in Poland. What’s more, it is the biggest academy centre in eastern Poland. The city is relatively small, so it is quite easy to get around. Aside from the lovely old town, it offers plenty of green areas for relaxation.

  • Universities: Lublin University of Technology
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1800 zl/~ 390 zl)
  • Sights: Lublin Village Open Air Museum, The State Museum of Majdanek, Muzeum Narodowe w Lublinie, Cracow Gate 
  • Food: Cebularz lubelski, Piernik lubelski, Zawijaki wygnanowskie/Pelier, Spokojna2, Zielony Talerzyk Restaurant
  • Nightlife: The Mist Club, Shotbar U-Boot, Rzut Beretem, Nocny Portier
Erasmus in Poland: Lublin


Studying in Opole

While Opole might not be a touristy destination in Poland, it is quite recognized among students. The city is situated on the river Oder and is only a short ride from Krakow. Visitors remember it for its beautiful architecture, especially castles. Besides the remarkable landmarks, Opole is known for the annual National Festival of Polish Song.

Why study in Opole?

Opole has a good reputation as a student city. Namely, it offers a very good university with hundreds of programs. As a small town, it offers a simple but never dull lifestyle. Thanks to its vicinity to Krakow, students can easily expand the possibilities.

  • Universities: University of Opole
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1500 zl/~ 320 euro)
  • Sights: Museum of Opole Silesia, Opole Village Museum, Opole Zoo, Museum of Polish Songs, Lake Srednie Turawa
  • Food: Anyżki, Kołocz śląski, Jeż, Szpyrek/Nalesnikarnia Grabowka, Sopelek, Bar Pierozek
  • Nightlife: Sofa Music Club, Aqarium Music Club, Melon Pub

Studying in Bialystok

Bialystok is another place in Poland known for being reconstructed after WWII. Although not a touristy destination, visitors mostly remember it for its Baroque palace built by the Branicki family. Besides that, Bialystok is known as a former centre of Polish Jewry

Why study in Bialystok?

Studying in a city such as Bialystok offers an authentic Polish experience. While it is a smaller city, it does not lack interesting things to see and do for youth. After all, it is quite affordable. However, check out what students suggest while in Bialystok. 

  • Universities: University of Bialystok
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1500 zl/~ 320 euro)
  • Sights: Branicki Palace, Akcent Zoo, Park Planty, Army Museum in Białystok, Podlasie Museum of Folk Culture
  • Food: Rosol, Cernina, Zacierka/Pawilon Towarzyski, Bar Topolanka, Bistro Dobra Zmiana
  • Nightlife: The Hell Club, Pub Fiction & BackStage, Batyskaf Steam Pub&Coffee

Studying in Katowice

Katowice is a modern Polish city, a centre of business with headquarters of numerous companies. Also, Katowice is a cultural centre with plenty of sights, street art and a cool vibe. The city offers interesting events all year round in plenty of venues scattered around the city.

Why study in Katowice?

Katowice has a unique vibe that is perfect for students. Add to it a high-quality university and plenty of events, Katowice is an obvious top choice for Erasmus in Poland. Check below to see what students suggest while studying in Katowice.

  • Universities: University of Silesia
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1900 zl/~ 410 euro)
  • Sights: Silesian Museum, Legendia Silesian Amusement Park, Silesia Park, Silesian Zoological Park, Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park, Zagłębie Museum in Będzin, Kosciuszko Park
  • Food: Kluski śląskie, Śledzie, Makówki, Rolada z modrą kapustą/Żurownia, Kafej, Restauracja Złoty Osioł
  • Nightlife: Klubowa, Orange Club, Cybermachina


Other Erasmus cities in Poland


  • Universities: University of Szczecin
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1900 zl/~ 410 euro)
  • Sights: Ducal Castle, Wały Chrobrego, Museum of Technology and Transportation, Kasprowicz Park, Harbour Gate, Karlowicz Philharmonic
  • Food: Placki Ziemnaczane, Golonka, Barszcz/Pierogarnia Kaszubska, Baraz Restauracja, Ziemniak i Spółka
  • Nightlife: Boston Pub&Club, City Hall Tanz Bar, Disco Fama


  • Universities: University of Rzeszów
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1700 zl/~ 370 euro)
  • Sights: Lubomirski Castle in Rzeszów, Muzeum Dobranocek ze Zbiorów W. Jamy, Rzeszowskie Piwnice, Multimedia Fountain, Rynek, Lisia Góra
  • Food: Proziaki, Pierogi Ruskie/Proza, Patio Restaurant, Parole Art Bistro
  • Nightlife: Rasputin Night Club, Pewex Pub, Pub „Underground”


  • Universities: University in Toruń
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1800 zl/~ 390 euro)
  • Sights: House of Nicolaus Copernicus, Teutonic Castle ruins, Regional Museum in Torun, Muzeum Toruńskiego Piernika, The Leaning Tower in Toruń
  • Food: Pierogi, Naleśniki/Manekin, Bread House Cafe, Bulka
  • Nightlife: Personnel, Moon Club, Rock Station


  • Universities: University of Bydgoszcz
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1800 zl/~ 390 euro)
  • Sights: Mill Island, Exploseum Factory, Myślęcinek Leśny Park, JuraPark
  • Food: Gulasz Węgierskie, Kotlet Schabowy, Bigos/Manekin, Karafka Winebar & Restaurant, Restauracja Jatki6
  • Nightlife: Strefa Disco 24/7, Pub Kubryk, Twenty


  • Universities: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1600 zl/~ 350 euro)
  • Sights: Olsztyn Castle, Plaża Miejska, Upper Gate in the Old Town, Forest Arboretum of Warmia i Mazur
  • Food: Smelt, Plińce z pomoćką, Brukowiec/House Cafe kawiarnia, Karczma nad Łyna, Bistro Kopernika
  • Nightlife: Vinyl Pub, Sowa Pub, Las w Centrum Miasta, Manhattan Pub


  • Universities: Silesian University of Technology
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1600 zl/~ 350 euro)
  • Sights: Museum in Gliwice, Palmenhaus, Kąpielisko Leśne, The Palace and Park Pławniowice, Municipal Botanical Garden
  • Food: Jaskółcze Gniazda, Ciapkapusta, Kluski Sląskie/Micha Zupa Bar, Mihiderka, Klapec
  • Nightlife: 80 Club, Inferno, Takk, Ministerstwo Śledzia i Wódki


  • Universities: Kielce University of Technology
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 900 zl/~ 200 euro)
  • Sights: Chęciny Royal Castle, Jaskinia Raj, Kadzielnia Nature Reserve, Palace of the Kraków Bishops, Museum of Toys and Play
  • Food: Pierogi, Bigos, Kotlet Schabowy/Ale Szama, Solna 12 Restaurant, Zolty Slon
  • Nightlife: Maska Incognito Club, Castle Club, UltraViolet Exclusive Club


  • Universities: Częstochowa University of Technology
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1000 zl/~ 200 euro)
  • Sights: Jasna Góra, Ogrodzieniec Castle, Castle in Olsztyn
  • Food: Kluski Śląskie, Rolada Śląska, Karminadle, Żur Śląski/Dobry Rok, Topollino, Awokado
  • Nightlife: Carpe Polish Pub, Don Kichot, Porter Bilard Club

Zielona Gora

  • Universities: University of Zielona Gora
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1400 zl/~ 300 euro)
  • Sights: Ethnographic Museum in Zielona Gora, Lubuska Land Museum, Dolina Gęśnika, Jardín Botánico de Zielona Góra
  • Food: Zurek, Bigos, Kaszanka/Wegarnik Vegan Bar & Cafe, Bar Kawowy Niger, il Vicolo
  • Nightlife: Prywatka Zielona Góra, X-Demon, Lucky Shot Bar


  • Universities: University of Bielsko-Biała
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1600 zl/~ 350 euro)
  • Sights: Szyndzielnia, BWA Gallery, Klimczok, Bielsko-Biała Museum
  • Food: Barszcz czerwony, Kapuśniak, Zupa ogórkowa/Bistro Piekarnik, Dorys, Celna 10 Cafe & Bar
  • Nightlife: XOXO Music & Cocktail Bar, Klub Klimat, Miasto, Magnum Pub I, Endorfina


  • Universities: Gdynia Maritime University
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 2000 zl/~ 430 euro)
  • Sights: Gdynia Aquarium, Aquapark Reda, Museum of Emigration, Ship Museum ORP “Błyskawica”, Experyment Science Centre
  • Food: Pierogi Ruskie, Mizeria, Rosół/Czerwony Piec Pizza, Paczus, Restauracja Oberża 86
  • Nightlife: Harem Club, Blues Club Gdynia, AleBrowar, Pub Donegal


  • Universities: Technical University of Radom
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1300 zl/~ 280 euro)
  • Sights: Radom Village Museum, Polish Sculpture Center, Stary Ogród w Radomiu, Park Kościuszki
  • Food: Zygmuntówka, Flaczki z pulpetami, Zrazy wołowe zawijane/Karczma Baba Jaga, Krokiecik, Rabarbar
  • Nightlife: Fluo Shot Bar & Cafe, The Hedonist Cocktail Bar


  • Universities: The State University of Applied Sciences in Elbląg
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1100 zl/~ 240 euro)
  • Sights: Museum of Archeology and History, Elbląg Upland Landscape Park, Centrum Sztuki Galeria, Brama Targowa
  • Food: Brukowiec, Plińce z pomoćką, Smelt/Nowa Holandia, Vegan Spot, Studnia Smakow Restauracja
  • Nightlife: Magiel Club & Pub, Yolo Club, Astoria, WestSide pub


  • Universities: Lomza State University of Applied Sciences
  • Cost of living: below average (avg. rent price ~ 1400 zl/~ 300 euro)
  • Sights: Hanka Bielicka Bench, Michała Archanioła Cathedral, Muzeum Północno – Mazowieckie
  • Food: Rosol, Cernina, Zacierka/Restauracja Syta Panna, Labirynt, Restauracja Spokojna
  • Nightlife: PUB Warka Lomza, Pod Ratuszem, Pub 9


  • Universities: Koszalin University of Technology
  • Cost of living: average (avg. rent price ~ 1900 zl/~ 410 euro)
  • Sights: Museum in Koszalin, Park Wodny Koszalin, Góra Chełmska, Muzeum Obrony Przeciwlotniczej
  • Food: Pierogi, Placki ziemniaczane/Powidoki, Chill’point, Kukuryku
  • Nightlife: Klub Sizar Koszalin, Comics Club, Pub Viking

Erasmus in Poland FAQs

How many Erasmus students are in Poland?

According to the latest available data from 2019, 18 124 students and trainees picked Erasmus in Poland. 

What is the best university in Poland?

According to the Times Higher Education, the top university in Poland is the Jagiellonian University, closely followed by the University of Warsaw.

What is the oldest university in Poland?

Jagiellonian University with the main campus in Krakow is the oldest one in Poland. It was founded in 1364.

Do I need to know the Polish language to study in Poland?

A lot of universities have classes in the English language. However, knowing the basics of the Polish language will make your stay a lot easier.

Do Erasmus students pay tuition fees in Poland?

As an Erasmus+ student, you do not pay fees for tuition, registration, and examinations.

Do I need a visa for Erasmus in Poland?

EU members citizens (+ Switzerland), don’t need a visa for Poland. However, students from other countries (including the UK since recently) need to apply for a visa.

Can Erasmus students work in Poland?

Yes, Erasmus students can work in Poland during their exchange program.

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