Copenhagen – Berlin

With the increasing popularity of Berlin as a city break destination, the bus route between Copenhagen and Berlin has grown to been one of the most popular international bus routes driving from Denmark. The travel shortest travel route between the cities is about 440 km, this route include the ferry transfer from Rødby to Puttgarten. The total travel time by bus is about 7 – 8 hours. Do to increasing competition on the route, bus tickets has become really cheap, so finding a cheaper alternative is difficult.

When travelling with the bus from Copenhagen towards Berlin, it is fairly easy, as all bus companies currently (This might change, so check the departure address when buying a ticket) departure from the same location which is Ingerslevsgade, as street located 400 metre from the main train station in Copenhagen. Please note: the departure location is a street where the buses park along the one side, so there is no actual bus station just a few shelters along the street.

When travelling from Berlin to Copenhagen it is a bit more complicated as there are more departure locations and each bus company basically only departure from one of those location, which means you need to carefully check which departure location is the most suitable in relation to where you’re staying in Berlin. The two most common bus stations is the ZOB am Funkturm and the ZOB am Zoo, but you also have buses which departure close to the main train station, and at the Alexanderplatz.

Other ways of travelling from Copenhagen to Berlin

Train: Taking a train between Berlin and Copenhagen is for sure and options, but as the train travel via Jutland and the small and great belt bridges in Denmark the travel time is the same as when travelling by bus, and prices are usually considerable higher

Flying: Obviously taking a plane is the fastest way of travelling between Copenhagen and Berlin, the air travel time is about 1 hours, non stop flight are available from companies like SAS, Airberlin, Norwegien as well as others. Keep in mind that Berlin has more than one airport.

Other popular travel routes between Denmark and Germany

If you not sure if travelling from between Copenhagen and Berlin is way you will travel between the countries, you also have great connections between Hamburg and Copenhagen, as well as Hamburg and Aarhus in Jutland.

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