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Pag Island is one of the top summer destinations in Croatia, especially among young people who come each year for wild beach parties at Zrce Beach in Novalja. Besides vivid nightlife, Pag is also home to two authentic Croatian products, Pag cheese and Pag lace. The latter has become a part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list of which Croatian people are extremely proud. The two towns on the island are Pag Town and Novalja. Other important villages on the island are Povljana, Simuni, Mandre, Lun, Stara Novalja, Kolan and Metajna. Pag is one of few islands in Croatia which is connected with the mainland by a bridge which significantly improved the island’s traffic and accessibility, especially public transport.

Buses to and from Pag Island

As stated above, Pag is very well connected with the rest of the country which means that there are numerous bus connections between the cities on the mainland and Pag. In the table below you can see some of the most popular bus routes to and from Pag Island.

Zadar to Pag TownRijeka to Pag TownZagreb to Pag Town
Zadar to NovaljaRijeka to NovaljaZagreb to Novalja
Novalja to ZadarSplit to Pag TownSibenik to Pag Town
Pag Town to ZadarSplit to NovaljaSibenik to Novalja

Bus lines on the island of Pag

Villages and towns on Pag are connected by local buses which operate on daily basis. In the table below you can find the most common bus connections on Pag Island.

Pag Town to NovaljaPag Town to ZigljenKolan to Pag Town*
Novalja to Pag TownZigljen to Pag TownPag Town to Kolan*

*The route between Kolan and Pag Town is not available online but it can be bought on board.

Pag Town


City Bus Novalja is  a local bus company which operates buses in Novalja and nearby places. There are two types of public bus transport: within Novalja and between Novalja and other villages.

Buses from Novalja run to Stara Novalja, Gajac, Lun and Metajna. Timetable of departures can be found here. All buses from Novalja depart from Plasica bus stop.

If you need to get around Novalja, you can check bus stops and departures here. NOTE: During summer season, this bus operates to Zrće Beach as well.

There’s also a mini train line which runs between the roundabout by the restaurant Stari Mlin and campsite Strasko (only during summer).

Ticket price: Bus prices of public transportation in Novalja range from 5kn to 30kn depending on the distance of the route, for example:

  • From Novalja to Lun – 30kn in one way
  • From Novalja to Stara Novalja – 15kn
  • From Novalja to Metajna – 25kn

NOTE: Tickets for all bus lines within Novalja cost 10kn in one way.

Zrće, Novalja

Bus stations and bus stops on the island of Pag

The map below shows the most popular bus stops on Pag Island. If you click icon of a certain bus stop it will show more information about the stop and its GPS coordinates

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