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Bus Prague

Prague as the capital of the Czech Republic and a population of approximately 1.25 million has an excellent transport infrastructure which includes metro lines, trams, buses, funiculars and ferries. Public transport usage rate in Prague is among the highest in the world. The city is also very popular as a tourist destination; in fact it is the fifth visited city in Europe.

Public transport:

The most used transport means within the city are the metro and the trams. There are three metro lines in Prague: Green Line A, Yellow Line B and Red Line C. The line A is the most popular since it takes passengers to the most popular sights in the town but it is also a connection to the bus line 119 which goes to/from the airport in Prague.

Tram Prague

Bus lines operate in the areas (outskirts) which are not served by metro or tram. Prague has about 130 bus lines which run every 6-8 minutes during peak time, every 10-20 minutes during off peak hours and every 15-30 minutes during weekends. There are also night buses (501-513) which run every 30-60 minutes from midnight till 4.30 am. If you are staying at a bus station which is marked with an M it means that you can get off the bus and continue your travel using the metro.

Public transport tickets:

These are the types of tickets available for travelling in Prague:

  • single tickets valid for 90 minutes
  • short-term single ticket valid for 30 minutes
  • 1 day pass valid for 24 hours
  • 3 day pass (72 hours)
  • 1 month pass

Any of these tickets can be used for any of the transport means. Tickets can be purchased at metro stations, kiosks and Public Transport Information Centres which are open from 7 am till 9 pm, at Prague Airport Terminals 1 and 2, at the main train station and the Museum Metro Station.

NOTE: Children under the age of ten can travel free of charge but have to show some kind of identity document.

Metro Prague

Tickets have to be validated at ticket machines inside the buses or trams or those located at metro stations.

Bus stations of city buses are usually located near metro stations.

For people planning to stay in Prague for more than a week, a month or more, the Opencard provides many possibilities, from using the public transport to various discounts for shopping and more. Here you can read more about it.

Sightseeing in Prague:

The best way to see the city and its sights by using public transport are the trams. There are several tram lines which you can use to see the main sights as well as those not so known. Particularly famous is the line 22 which passes by the Prague Castle, Peace Square with a beautiful church in its centre and the National House surrounding it. The next thing you can see is one of the busiest metro stations in Prague where you can find a lot of cafes, shops and even a market. Other sights are Charles Square, Wenceslas Square, the National Theatre, Ujezd neighbourhood…


For sightseeing in Prague one of the best things is the Prague Card which gives you numerous possibilities like free public transport, free entry to different sights, discounts for restaurants, concerts and much more. To check all about the Prague Card click here.

Domestic bus lines to and from Prague:

The main bus station in Prague either for national or international bus connections is Florenc. Travelling by bus within the Czech Republic is cheaper than travelling by train, therefore there are many lines connecting the cities within the country. Some routes are run by the state owned company but there are also many private bus companies which offer high quality service. One of the most popular private companies is Student Agency which has connections to cities like Brno, Cheb, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov and more.

Bus station Prague

International bus lines to and from Prague:

Prague also has very good and frequent international bus connections. There are several daily connections between Prague and Zurich, Prague and Vienna, Prague and Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Bratislava and Budapest; fewer connections (one or two daily) are between Prague and Paris, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zurich… There are even bus lines to England (London), Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Luxembourg. Many of the international lines are operated by the Student Agency and some of the other companies are Eurolines, OrangeWays…

Airport bus Prague:

Travelling to and from Prague Airport can be done by using the public transport or the Airport Express bus line. The Airport Express bus line runs in accordance with the scheduled flights and is connected with the Main Train Station in Prague. Tickets for the public transport in Prague cannot be used for the Airport Express bus line; tickets for this line can be purchased from the driver, at ticket machines at certain Czech stations and online here.

In case you want to use the public transport to get to/from the airport these are the bus/metro lines to use:

  • Bus line 119 which connects the main Train Station (metro line A) and the Airport
  • Bus line 100 which connects the main Train Station (metro line B) and the Airport

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