Barcelona – Marseilles

If you’re looking for the best way to travel between Barcelona, one of Europe’s top destinations, and Marseilles, a French gem yet to reach its full potential, then taking the bus is what you should do. There are up to 18 daily departures on the route, including the 3 night buses. The travel distance between the two cities is 510km and each bus line travels for not less than 7 hours (some even 10). In order to save some money and avoid paying an overnight stay in a hotel, we recommend you to take one of the night lines.

If you’re traveling from Barcelona to Marseilles, head to the bus station in Barcelona which has the most national and international departures, Barcelona Nord Bus Station. This is the city’s main bus station operating services to the main Spanish cities, Europe and North Africa. The station is quite big, so make sure to arrive on time. Also, check if your bus departs from Barcelona Sants ZOB Bus terminal, they are 6km apart, so you’ll need more time to change direction, especially in high season.

Since there are many departures a day on the route Barcelona – Marseilles, you can choose which one is the most convenient for you.

Other popular international routes from Barcelona:

Bus Barcelona – Paris Bus Barcelona – Marseilles Bus Barcelona – Naples
Bus Barcelona – Madrid Bus Barcelona – Rabat Bus Barcelona – Zurich
Bus Barcelona – Malaga Bus Barcelona – Frankfurt Bus Barcelona – Valencia

If on the other hand, you’re traveling from Marseille to Barcelona, there’s not much space left to getting lost, since the city has only one bus station, 1km away from the center. Marseilles Bus Station can be very crowded during summer months as the city is among the most popular tourist destinations in France, so pay attention to the departure schedule and possible traffic jams.

Other popular international routes from Marseilles:

Bus Marseilles – Toulouse Bus Marseilles – Paris Bus Marseilles – Nice
Bus Marseilles – Rome Bus Marseilles – Madrid Bus Marseilles – Krakow
Bus Marseilles – Milan Bus Marseilles – Turin Bus Marseilles – Genoa

Other travel option between Barcelona and Marseilles:

Plane: There are several, both direct and stop, daily flights on the route between these cities. The fares are low, since the flights are operated by low-cost air carriers like Vueling, Iberia, Norwegian and Ryanair.

Train: This is probably the most expensive option, since for a less-than-two-hours-long journey you’re expected to pay 115€ – 142€. There are even more pricey possibilities, all depending on the time of your departure and the carrier.

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