Munich Cathedral

Munich City Guide

When you think of Munich, the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is Oktoberfest with all the delicious beer and savory food, such as currywurst or sauerkraut, or perhaps the traditional Christmas markets with their snowy and magical atmosphere. However, there is much more to Munich than that. This city is truly […]

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Zagreb City Guide

The capital of Croatia, which was listed as Lonely Planet’s No.1 European destination to visit in 2017,  is becoming more and more popular with visitors every year. And while many people head to the coast of Croatia to visit Split or Dubrovnik, Zagreb (which is in the northwest of the country) too has much to […]

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Zadar sunset

Zadar Guide

While everyone is trying to book a flight to Split or Dubrovnik, Zadar offers an opportunity to explore the lesser known (and therefore less crowded) part of the Dalmatian coast. That being said, despite being only the fifth biggest town in Croatia, Zadar has much to offer in terms of both of historical attractions and […]

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