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Treviso – Sant’Angelo Airport(TSF) is an Italian international airport located 3km southwest of the city of Treviso and 30km away from Venice.

It is mainly used by low-cost airlines and in 2015 it counted a bit over 2.3 million passengers.

How to get from Treviso Airport to Venice and nearby destinations

Airport Shuttle

The ATVO company provides a shuttle bus which takes you from the Antonio Canova airport of Treviso to a few destinations, including seaside resorts:

  • Treviso airport – Mestre – Venezia Piazzale Roma (and vice versa)
  • Treviso airport – Lido di Jesolo (small city in the region of Veneto)
  • Treviso airport – Cavallino – Punta Sabbioni
  • Treviso airport – Duna Verde – Lido Altanea – P.S. Margherita – Caorle
  • Treviso airport – Eraclea Mare
  • Treviso airport – Bibione

Check out the schedules. The ticket can be bought directly from the driver or at the ticket office in the Arrivals hall of Treviso Airport.

The bus stop is in Via Noalese, to the right of the airport exit.
One ticket costs approximately 12€, depending on the destination.

Public transport

For its vicinity both to the cities of Treviso and Venice, you can choose between buses or trains which can take you to both places.
The journeys take 15 – 20 min.

Public Bus

Mobilità di Marca is a Treviso local bus company which connects Treviso city centre (the main railway station) with the airport (line nr.6) .

See the driving schedule.  One-way bus ticket costs €1.30 and it can be bought at the airport or directly from the bus driver.
Once validated, the ticket is valid for 75 minutes.

Barzi Service takes you from the airport to Isola Tronchetto from where you take the PeopleMover to reach the Piazzale Roma in Venice.

The same company provides a connection to Mestre Railway Station as well.


Although there is no direct railway link with Treviso Airport, you can first reach the main railway station in Treviso and then transfer to local bus (the bus stop is located directly in front of the railway station).

This is a good alternative if you are traveling to airport since it costs less than taking a shuttle bus (e.g. from Venice).

Train ticket from Venice Mestre to Treviso Centrale costs €3.45 and the bus ticket from Treviso Centrale to Treviso Airport costs €1.30.

Taxi services

A company Radio Taxi Treviso operates on the route between the city of Treviso and the airport.

The price for a one way ride goes from 8€ up, depending on the season, the destination and the time of the day.


Another way to travel to Treviso and Venice is with a private, door-to-door transfer from Treviso Airport to your accommodation in the city.

To explore transfers to most popular destinations, visit Treviso Airport taxi & transfer page.

You can also pre-book a transfer to almost any city in Italy from Airport Treviso that you would like to visit for a hassle-free experience.

You will find a list of the most popular transfer routes from Treviso Airport below where you can pre-book your private transfer and pay on arrival.

Treviso Airport to Treviso from 2€ p.pTreviso Airport to Lido Di Jesolo from 13€ p.pTreviso Airport to Venice Mestre from 9€ p.p
Treviso Airport to Marghera from 9€ p.pTreviso Airport to Padua from 22€ p.pTreviso Airport to Bibione from 26€ p.p
Treviso Airport to Verona from 40€ p.pTreviso Airport to Florence from 86€ p.pTreviso Airport to Venice Airport from 9€ p.p
  • NOTE: The prices displayed in the table above are per person (Minibus for up to 8 Passengers) and NOT per vehicle.

Renting a car
at Treviso Airport

The car rental companies at Treviso airport are situated in the Arrivals hall on the ground floor of the airport terminal building.

If you want to avoid waiting, rent a car online.

NOTE: You must report to the car rental companies’ offices in the airport before picking up the car, even if you have already booked it.

Renting a bus at Treviso Airport

If you are a bigger group arriving to the airport, you might consider renting a bus prior to your arrival.

It is a good option if you want to explore other parts of the region as well.
Note that the bus has to be booked in advance, and the bus rental companies will advise you on the meeting point.

Bus stop to Treviso Airport (at Treviso Central Railway Station)

Treviso Airport bus FAQs

I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

No, the buses which connect the airport to Treviso and Venice run all day long, but in case you miss all of them, you can take a taxi, which is also not too expensive (~ 10€).

I have an early morning departure from the airport, are there any airport hotels I can stay at?

Yes, you can stay at Albergo II Focolare, only 300m away from the airport, or at Hotel Continental or Hotel Carlton situated at a 600m distance from the airport.

I would like to spend one day in Treviso in between flights. Is that possible?

Yes, of course, the airport is very close to the city centre.
The best way to do so is to take the bus which takes you directly from the airport to the city centre and is the most convenient way of transportation.
Unfortunately the airport has no luggage storage office, so you need to take your luggage to Treviso Central Station where you can leave it for as much as you need.

I am continuing my journey outside Treviso. Are there any direct lines from the airport to other cities?

Of course, Venice is very near Treviso and there are several lines which take you there directly from the airport (check out the text above).
For other places, you ought to get to the Treviso Central Station and then choose your destination.

Can I exchange the money at the airport to pay for my transfer?

Yes, there are several exchange offices and ATMs at the airport, working 24/7, but it would be better to exchange the money before the trip and have some euros on you since the rate will be a lot higher on the spot and no currency other than euro is accepted.


  1. Cathy Holliday   •  

    Can you take suitcases on the airport shuttle bus?

    • GetByBus Team   •  

      Hi Cathy,

      Yes you can take your suitcase when travelling with the airport shuttle bus

      Kindest regards

      Team GetByBus

  2. antonia gonzales   •  

    I am arriving at the TSF airport and want to get to Venice St Lucia Station. Am I taking a bus to the Treviso train station for approximately 2 Euros. Then a direct train that will take me to Venice St Lucia Station. (not sure what that cost is yet)

    • Gabriela   •  

      Dear Antonia,
      train tickets from Treviso train station to Venice St Lucia station cost 2-15 euro.
      Best Regards,
      Gabriela GBB Team

  3. Sandra   •  


    Could you let me know what is the trip duration from Treviso airport to Mestre railway station, taken with the shuttle bus? Also, when would be the new timetable considering November dates published?

    Thank you,

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Sandra,

      First you need to take shuttle bus from Treviso Airport to Treviso Railway Station and then transfer to train which will take you to Mestre Railway Station. Total duration of the trip is around 40-50 minutes.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  4. Sibilla   •  

    Could you tell me which of transport be the best and easiest way from Treviso Airport to Venice, if we’ll landing at 22’00, 31.07.?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Sibilla,

      since you’re arriving at the airport at a time when shuttle buses still operate, it is the best to take a bus to Venice main station.
      You can check the detailed timetable here.

      Best regards,
      Maja, GBB Team

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