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Girona Airport, or more commonly known as Costa Brava Airport (GRO) is the second most important airport in Barcelona area. It is situated 13 kilometers from the city centre of Girona and 92 kilometres from Barcelona. Due to its proximity Girona airport is considered an alternative airport of Barcelona El Prat. The airport is very well connected to southern France and the rest of the Pyrenees. Approximately 2,7 million passengers annually passes through this airport and the most important company operating is Ryanair.

Terminal El Prat Barcelona

How to get from Girona Airport to Girona or Barcelona

Airport shuttle

GRO to Girona – Bus line nr.607 by Sagalés operates in accordance with the Ryanair flights schedules and runs to the Girona Bus Station. The journey takes about 20-30 mins, depending on traffic and the bus fare price is €2.75.  → Girona Airport to Girona timetable

GRO To Barcelona – also by Sagalés company, bus line 604 takes you to Barcelona, but also stops at Girona Bus Station. The buses depart approx. 20 mins after each flight’s arrival.

  • The journey takes around 1 hour and 20 min and the bus stops at the North Station in Barcelona (near the Arc de Triomphe).
  • Single ticket is €16 and return is €25.

In the table below you can find all departures from Girona Airport to Barcelona Bus Station North:

Girona Airport to Barcelona

Barcelona to Girona Airport


To reach Barcelona by train, you should first take shuttle bus to Girona station, and from there you can either reach it by:

  • AVE/AVANT high speed trains – direct lines, the journey last around 40 mins, and the ticket price is 15€; the trains run 11-12 times a day each
  • Regional Train (line R11) – although cheaper (6€ for one-way ticket), it has a lot of stops, and it takes approximately 1 hour to get to Barcelona; this line runs 12 times a day, the first one departs at 6:38 and the last one at 20:38.

Popular routes from Girona

To reach other, bigger cities, you should first take the shuttle bus to Girona Bus Station. Check the most popular bus routes from Girona:

Girona to Madrid Girona to Valencia Girona to Zaragoza Girona to Benidorm
Girona to Pamplona Girona to Murcia Girona to Granada Girona to Toulouse

Taxi services

Passengers with a lot of luggage should consider getting a taxi. The taxi from Girona airport to Barcelona will cost you  between €130 and €140, and the journey will take around an hour.

If you need to go to Girona centre, the taxi will cost your around €25-€30 (15 mins of journey)


Another way to travel from Girona Airport is with a private, door-to-door transfer directly to your accommodation in the city. You can pre-book a transfer for a hassle-free experience, professional driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to your destination.


Renting a car at Girona airport

Those who want to avoid public transport but consider taxis too expensive, car rental companies like Avis, Europcar and InterRent offer their services in the airport area. To avoid being left without the car, book it online.

Renting a bus at Girona airport

If you are travelling with a large group of people, you might consider renting a bus prior to your arrival. That way you can also visit the region or some other cities in Spain without thinking about the public transport. Contact one of the rental companies in the area and they will advise you on the pick up locations at the airport.

How to get from Girona Airport to other destinations

From GRO to Lloret de Mar: To get to Lloret de Mar take direct bus line nr. 605 operated by Sagales. The journey lasts around 30 mins or more, especially during the summer season. The price of one-way ticket is 10€.

Girona Airport to Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar to Girona Airport

From GRO to Lleida: The bus from Girona Airport to Lleida is provided by TEISA Eixbus company and the ticket costs €25.25. Departs 7 times a day from Girona (city) and stops at the airport. → timetable

From GRO to Andorra: The company Novatel has a bus line from the Girona airport to Andorra and the buses run only on Fridays and Sundays. One-way ticket costs 33€ (56€ for return ticket).











15:00 18:15

Accommodation near Girona Airport

Girona Airport Hotel offers a convenient accommodation few minutes walking from the airport. You can check other options in the close vicinity below:

Girona Airport FAQs

I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

That will not be a problem since bus lines are in accordance with Ryanair flight. In case you are flying with some other company, you can get yourself a taxi or a transfer to be more safe.

I would like to spend one day in Girona/Barcelona in between flights. Is that possible?

Well, it depends if you wish to visit Girona city centre or Barcelona. If you wish to visit Girona, that will be fine, since the bus takes 15 min to Girona, and the city is not that big. On the other hand, one day in Barcelona is not enough. NOTE: There are no luggage storage facilities at the airport but there are lockers available at Girona train station.

I am continuing my journey outside Girona. Are there any direct lines from the airport to other cities?

Sure thing. There are several direct lines from Girona Airport to other nearby cities and towns like Blanes, Figueres, Playa de Aro, Roses, etc.

Can I exchange money at the airport to pay for my transfer?

Yes, there is an exchange office and ATMs (Caixabank and Santander) at the ground floor of the airport, working 24/7, but it would be better to exchange the money before the trip and have some euros on you since the rate will be a lot higher on the spot and no currency other than euro is accepted.

Is there free WiFi at Girona Airport?

That will not be a problem since bus lines are in accordance with Ryanair flight. In case you are flying with some other company, you can get yourself a taxi or a transfer to be more safe.


  1. Bartek   •  

    Good day, I’ve been searching for a direct bus connection from Girona Airport to Andorra la Vela and have failed so far. Is there anything available?

    • GetByBus Team   •  

      Hello Bartek,

      we currently do not have any buses between Girona airport and Andorra.

      Kindest regards

      GetByBus Team

  2. Tejas   •  

    Hey my flight to Girona lands at 11 pm in August, and the website is not allowing me to book tickets, can I buy the bus tickets from Segales at the airport itself? (To Barcelona)

    • Melani Grubić Mikulić   •     Author

      Dear Tejas,

      You can buy tickets directly at the airport, the ticket office is located outside the terminal building.

      Best regards!

      • Tejas   •  

        Thanks so much, this would be my first time visiting so the bus will for sure be operating at 11 pm yes?

        • Melani Grubić Mikulić   •     Author

          Dear Tejas,

          There will be buses departing at 23:15, 23:30 and 23:45. You can also see here the timetable.

          Best regards!

          • Tejas   •  

            Thank you so much for this!! Understand enough to know there’s a bus leaving, you’re a saviour 👌🏽

          • Jana Bendikova   •  

            Hi, that link doesn’t work.

  3. Adrian Farrugia   •  

    I am coming to Girona airport next October and I am staying at Loretta de mar which bus she’ll i get and how much will it cost please.

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Adrian,

      As it is stated in the article, the bus line 605 connects Girona Airport and Lloret de Mar and the ticket costs €10.

      Best regards!
      Melani, GBB Team

  4. Anna   •  

    our flight lands at 19:40 and trying to buy ticket for bus online fro girona airport to barcelona, even though i can see in the schedule bus at 20:15, the only options to buy tickets in the next step for are 16:15 or 23:30.

    That is mean all curses in between are full or not going that day? 27/09?

    • GetByBus Team   •  

      Hi Anna, i just tested and picked the bus at 20:15 on the 27.09, all works fine, I land on the check out page of our partner where i can buy the bus for 20:15. Please try again, can have been a temporary glitch between our system and the system of our partner

      Kindest regards

      Team GetByBus

  5. Vidal Zoleta   •  

    Our departure time on Sunday to Girona Airport is 1525 and I try to book online to Sagales bus going to Barcelona and it says that no available journey on Sunday.

    Is there any other bus going to Barcelona which is cheaper like Sagales.



    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Vidal,

      Bus deparatures are always in accordance with flights, try looking directly for buses to Girona Airport on our website https://getbybus.com/en/

      Best regards!
      Melani, GBB Team

  6. Monika   •  

    Hello. I’ve been searching for a shuttle bus from Girona Airport to Pineda de Mar (hotel Merce), is there shedule for such route? What would be the price from Girona airport to Peneda de Mar?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Monika,

      There is no direct shuttle bus from Girona Airport to Pineda de Mar. I suggest to book a transfer in advance, it will cost less than taxi.

      Best regards,
      Melani, GBB Team

  7. Matt   •  

    Hi There,
    Our flight gets into Girona at 12:35, Sagales states there’s 2 buses 602 – 12:55 and 604 – 12:45.
    do both of these buses stop at the Main Bus Station in Barcelona and in case I miss the 12:45 will my ticket be valid on the 12:55 ?

    Many Thanks

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Matt,

      In case you miss bus at 12:45, you can board the next one, the tickets are open to any departure so there’s no worry.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  8. Jana Bendikova   •  

    Hello, my arrival to Girona airport is by Ryanair 25.4.2019 at 11 pm. Any timetable for Girona city centre?

  9. Zanda Boļšaka   •  

    We are a company of 4 arriving in Girona airport on a Ryanair flight at 12.59 pm on Sunday (at midnight) on 14th April.
    The timetable for the airport bus to Barcelona says there’s a bus leaving Girona airport at 00:30 am. Will the bus wait if there is a flight delay? It is safe to book tickets online?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Zanda,

      In case you miss the last flight, you can use your ticket for the next departure, so it should be fine to book tickets online. Half an hour is a plenty of time to catch the bus to Barcelona because Girona Airport is not that big.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  10. Zoe   •  

    We are flying into Girona at 10:50pm and want to travel to Lloret De Mar is there a bus at this time?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Zoe,

      Unfortunately no, the last departure is at 20:30. You should consider getting a taxi or private transfer.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  11. Roman   •  

    Jak dojechaç 11.04 2019 do Lloret dr Mar samolot przyleci o 23.30
    Czy można kupić bilet w autobusie

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Roman,

      The last bus from Girona Airport to Llloret de Mar departs at 20.30h

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  12. Kardi Mosekjær   •  

    Is there a bus late saturday night about 00.30 going to Pals at the 4-5 may

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Kardi,

      You can only catch the last bus to from Girona Airport to Barcelona which departs at 00:30.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  13. John Sweeting   •  

    I am flying into Girona Airport with a group which includes 4 wheelchair users. We are being quoted crazy prices for a transfer. Are the buses accessible for wheelchair users?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear John,

      The buses should be wheelchair accessible, but I advise to contact airport customer service just to be sure.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  14. Rob   •  

    Could you tell me if there is a bus from Girona Airport to Platja d Are please.

    • Kristina   •  

      Dear Rob,
      Yes, there are buses from Girona airport to Platja d’Are. They run once in an hour and you can purchase the tickets at the airport or directly on the bus if there are seats available of course.
      Best regards,

  15. Carmel   •  


    Is there a bus leaving Girona Airport after 11pm on the 16th October 2019
    Yours sincerely

  16. Taja   •  

    my flight from Girona airport is at 7.00a.m., I cannot find any information about possibility to get from Barcelona to Girona at that time. can you please help and guide me about possible options.

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Taja,

      here you can check the departures from Barcelona to Girona Airport. Just pick your travelling date.
      If none of these departures suit you, I suggest you check out the options directly at the bus station in Barcelona.

      GBB Team

      • Taja   •  

        thank you for prompt response, I checked this page already and first possible bus is at 10.30,but my flight is at 7.00.a.m. so this is not working for me I assume

        • Maja   •  

          Hi Taja,

          yes, in that case, you can contact the bus station to see if there are some options. Otherwise, you can consider some other options such as taxi or a private transfer.

          GBB Team

  17. Dovile   •  

    Hello, we’re coming to Girona
    Airport by Ryanair on Saturday, our flight is 23:50, do buses go after midnight
    To Barcelona? Thank You..!

    • Maja Tramontana   •  


      unfortunately, buses do not operate after midnight, but you can consider taking a taxi or a private transfer.
      The ride is about an hour from the airport.

      GBB Team

  18. Andy   •  

    My flight is landing at Girona at 18.00 on Tuesday. What time does the ticket office close, to buy a ticket to Girona Central Bus Station? Do you know if they take contactless credit cards, or is it cash only?

    • Marija Štrljić   •  

      Hi Andy,

      the office should be open 18 hours a day, from 8:00 am to 02:00 am, 7 days a week. They do accept contactless credit cards.

      GBB Team

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