Pula Airport

Airport bus Pula

On GetByBus.com you can find timetable and buy ticket for the airport shuttle from and to the Pula airport.

This year there are 3 airport shuttle routes

  1. From Airport – Pula Bus station – Pula Verdula and Medulinyou can see the timetable and buy a ticket for the shuttle here. (remember to pick your travel date and destination)
  2. From Airport – Pula Puntizela – Pula Verudela – Rovinj – Porec – Novigrad and Umagyou can see the timetable and buy a ticket for the shuttle here. (remember to pick your travel date and destination)
  3. From Airport – Rabac – you can see the timetable and buy a ticket for the shuttle here. (remember to pick your travel date).

The scheduled departure time from the airport is always 30 minutes after the arrival of the following low-cost airlines – Ryanair, Norwegian, Easyjet, Finnair, Germanwings or Jet2.com. If the scheduled arrival time of those flights is alternated or the plane is delayed, the bus will depart approx. 30 minutes after the actual arrival, regardless of the time stated on your shuttle bus ticket.

Pula Airport

Alternatively to buying tickets online, you can buy tickets on the bus (if available). PLEASE NOTE that the tickets for return trips TO THE AIRPORT can only be purchased online since the operating bus company plans the size of the bus according to the number of pre sold tickets.

In Rovinj, Porec, Novigrad and Umag the bus drives to the bus station. If you travel to larger resorts, campsites or hotels in those cites and in Rabac, please ask the driver when boarding the bus at Pula airport for a possibility to be dropped off by your accommodation. For the return trip from those cities, please call the following number a few days prior to your departure, 00385 – 98255015, to arrange a pick-up by your hotel, campsite or resort. (remember to have your ticket number ready). AND once again, this only applies for those people who BOUGHT a ticket for the return trip with the shuttle bus from Rovinj, Porec, Novigrad, Umag or Rabac!

Where to find the airport bus?

Finding the shuttle bus at Pula airport is very easy since the airport is quite small. When you exit the terminal building you can not avoid seeing the bus. On your ticket you will see the logo of the bus company operating the shuttle.


  1. mike romano   •  

    what schedule is there for thursday, 9 november from porec to pula aiport? my germanwings fllight from puy to dusseldorf departs at 13:00.

    my thanks.

    • Melani Grubić Mikulić   •  

      Dear Mike,

      There is no schedule yet for that date. Please contact us a month before your departure and we will let you know.

      Best regards!

  2. Luc   •  

    We are flying from Dubrovnik to Pula on Croatia Airlines. The flight arrives at Pula airport at 14.50. How come there are no buses available at that time of the day. The last bus to leave the airport in the afternoon is at 14.40 and the last bus of the day is at 22.00.
    Why is there not a bus to meet this flight which as it happens is a Croatia Airlines flight?

    • Melani Grubić Mikulić   •  

      Dear Luc,

      Departure time of the shuttle bus is always 30 minutes after the flight regardless of what is stated on your bus ticket because sometimes bus schedules are made a lot earlier before flight schedules (so they might not always match). You can see this link ( http://www.fils.hr/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/prices.jpg) for more information about bus departures.

  3. Faye   •  

    Hiya, I’m trying to book a transfer from Pula Airport to Rabac and back again on 13/9/18 – 18/9/18 but it’s not showing any dates & I can’t find any timetable anywhere? Thanks

  4. Helen   •  

    We are travelling by Jet2 from Manchester to Pula on the 28/08/18. It states our arrival time in Pula as 10.10am. There are two shuttle buses scheduled on the timetable, 9.00am and 11.40am. Which one do I book for this flight arrival please? Many thanks

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Helen,

      I suggest to book the departure at 11.40am, however, as it is stated in the article above, the bus will depart approx. 30 minutes after the actual arrival, regardless of the time stated on your shuttle bus ticket.

      Best regards!
      Melani, GBB Team

  5. M wesson   •  

    Hi do you opperate a bus to lovran? Thanks

  6. nic   •  

    Hi,we are travelling to Pula airport on an easy jet flight on 12/09/18 arriving at 17.30,we are staying in Verudela,there are two bus’ timetabled for 18.00 and 21.00,which would be the best to book?do we have to book online or can we get the tickets there?also if we book the 18.00 bus and don’t get through arrivals in time can we use the same ticket for the later bus?

    • GetByBus Team   •     Author

      Hi Nic,

      the 18:00 bus is the bus for the easy jet flight you arrive with, in case plane is delayed the bus will wait, so if you have a ticket for that bus, you will be transported to Verudela.

      Kindest regards,

      Morten, GBB Team

  7. Carsten Lund   •  

    I mean evening bus connection to Niš, since I will be arriving to Skopje by flight from Copenhagen around 18:30??

  8. Judith   •  

    We are travelling to Pula airport with EasyJet on 26th May 2019 . Are there any shuttle buses to Rovinj or Porec from the airport and what is the cost please ? Also , how do you book tickets ?
    Thanks, Judith

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Judith,

      Unfortunately, the shuttle line from Pula Airport is temporary canceled but it will probably be available for the summer season. However, we don’t have information on the exact date.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  9. Darren   •  

    Hi we are travelling to pula on 27/04/19 flight arriving 14:10 and we need to get to pula arena . Will there will a bus service I’m struggling to read the timetable? If so which one do we need to get on? We have children and need to know for sure that there will be a bus running. Also how much does it cost. Many thanks

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Darren,

      There’s a bus departure on 27/04 at 14:40 and the bus runs to Pula city centre. One-way ticket costs 30kn.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

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